Industrial Cleaning London

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Cleaners Insured and Checked Beforehand?

Yes, all of our cleaners are fully insured, highly trained, and DBS checked.

What Happens If the Keys Are Lost?

In the unlikely event that any keys are lost we work with you to remedy the problem immediately. We reimburse you the cost to change your locks, providing that you’re able to give us a receipt or invoice.

Do the Cleaners Speak English?

Yes, all of our cleaners speak English.

Do I Have to Pay a Cancellation Fee?

If you cancel within 24 hours of when the cleaning is due to start, you may incur a fee.

Do You Work Off-Peak Times?

For information on our work outside of business hours, please contact us directly.

Contact us, in London, to speak to our team about our domestic cleaning services.